Tuesday, October 6, 2009

River Otters and Cardio-Fitness

I have been trying to walk more.  I am getting a bit behind on my heart and can tell the difference.  But I haven't really made the jump to Fortuna in my heart disciplines yet.  Walking around here doesn't feel as necessary and I think I left the habit in Morgan Hill.  Anyway, it is stupid because within five minutes of our house are some of the most incredible places I have ever been.  So, I figured if I have to walk more, I should follow Harriet's lead and do it in beautiful places.

Harriet is twenty five hundred miles away, so I have been talking the kids into going with me to the river.  I found a great place on the Eel at the mouth where there are some island and it is gorgeous.  So, after dinner, the kids and I raced the sun to the Eel and walked over the bridge.  I haven't been out there when it has been this dark and we just had color in the sky and dark ripples in the river.  When there was a black spot on the water that was behaving oddly.  Soon, joined by another one that started diving and reappearing and suddenly there were big fish jumping out of the water (when I say big fish, I mean BIG FISH) and finally a black dot champing away on a fish on his belly and the other swimming away contentedly.  Magical.  And that must have been great for my heart.