Monday, June 15, 2009

Fifteen days and counting

There but for fortune...

I remember reading someone saying their regrets were based on what they didn't do, not on what they did do. Well, my family and myself are about to embark on another adventure. I've had plenty so what is one more? This one feels bigger, since my husband, myself, our two daughters, one cat and one guinea pig are about to make a new home for ourselves in Fortuna, California. A brief trip up north took Ted and I past beautiful vistas, abundant forests, gorgeous rivers and giant redwoods. Yet at the same time, I find myself savoring our mountains and rolling hills with our California Oaks and being an absolute snob about where to buy the best strawberries. But at the same time i find myself curious about what we will find up north, seen some mention of upcoming Rodeo and Apple Festivals which reminds me that every area has its points of pride and pretty soon i'll be very opinionated about where to buy the best apples.

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