Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Silly Salmon Sunday

Guys have a different way of parenting, nurturing than women. They just don't care about some of the fine tuning we spend our lives on. But they sure know how to be playful, mischievous, silly, chaotic and get us out of ourselves. We spent years celebrating 'silly salmon sunday' at our house, a tradition evolved from a very tired dad who can be very silly, especially sunday afternoons, at end of his work week.

So hopefully we will carry our silliness and playfulness up to Fortuna where we go in 9 days! Jenn was just saying that it didn't seem real to her that we would be gone in such a short time from the home they have known for most of their lives. So we spend our time packing up and saying goodbye to Morgan Hill, our friends and our memories, not knowing what we will find in our new home. And we give thanks for a dad who can not only do all that 'guy stuff' like lift heavy boxes, deal with electrical equipment and take apart our furniture. But can also do the equally and more important guy stuff like ground us, keep us laughing, remain playful and continue to love us as the stress of this move brings out our not so attractive sides. We know that no matter where we go our real home is together with you.

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