Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hospitality or Me Me Me

I can't believe the relief I felt today when I heard the movers say the billing was all settled -- she talked to Chuck, thank you Chuck and everyone else that had to be involved -- and our dates were set.

Take care of others (my kid's friends, people from the church or neighborhood, even the at-this-point-fictional new tennants) or do what I/we need. That is the decision point that keeps coming up for me. There is so much need in moving. The boxes to be packed, we must gather supplies, take care of a fraying family, or perhaps look for a moment at my own bruised self. I put my own needs on the shelf too much as it is. Turn off, shut down, keep moving -- that is my motto. Feel later. But, the middle path of course leads to enlightenment.

However, I am finding that doing for others is a helpful friend in this process. Dad taught me to make sure a campsite was spotless for the next camper. (Hi, Dad.) I keep thinking what would be a nice touch for the next person, and a solution to one of my own needs arises. If I stop and really say goodbye to someone, the move goes better -- so far. Finally, as many needs as we have, this move isn't about me or my family. It is a work move, and part of my calling. The whole thing is for others. How do I move in such a way that it prepares ground for where I'm going? Can I pack boxes in such a way as to preach better when I arrive in Fortuna?

Gandhi speaks, every time you make a move, simplifiy! The pile of boxes in my garage say, yes yes yes.

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