Sunday, July 5, 2009

Both sides of the penny

There is something about me that I really like and dislike at the same time and that is my sense of adventure. Offer me a good adventure and I'll be hard pressed to turn it down. Which was part of my reaction when I learned Ted had been transfered. Fortuna, hmmmmm... I do love living out in the country and after living 16 years in Mendocino County actually enjoy the overcast days and coastal weather. A new place, a new adventure, feels like a gift wrapped package - who knows what is inside? Yet, it is also my impulsiveness that has landed me in Tel Aviv airport with a suitcase I couldn't lift, alone in a South American country without being able to connect with the many ways we now take for granted (including speaking the language). So it really didn't surprise me when I called my sister the other day and couldn't stop crying. Ted and I spent 13 years building a life and a family in Morgan Hill and have been a part of a vibrant and exciting community. I have met so many wonderful people there, shared experiences and made many good friends. And now I miss them. Arghhh - Why doesn't my adventurous spirit get that at the time of making important life decisions?

And yes, I wouln't give up my time in Israel, my Peace Corps stint in Chile, my jump from New Jersey to Gualala, California and my adventures along the way. So Fortuna, watch out, cause here we are and who knows what lies ahead.

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