Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Morning from Fortuna

Exploring the Area

One of the nice things about the weather here that people don't think to point out is what great sleeping weather this is - definitely not too hot but chilly enough to cozy up and have a great night's sleep. So here I sit, sipping my morning coffee (avoiding the kitchen with the apple pie and homemade cookies), reconnecting with my technical universe and beginning the start of building routines here in Fortuna. There is so much to do it is overwhelming at times. I see the garden beckoning me (more fun than unpacking), the ants circling the kitchen (needs constant cleaning or beware), boxes, boxes and even more boxes.

At first, we were scared about the basics. Would the house work for us, does eveything function, where did I put my... Now that we have a semi-functioning home and know where a few things are (Starbucks, Safeway, Ace Hardwood & the movie theatre), we can relax and let in some of the feelings we have been too busy to experience (and working at avoiding). We all miss our friends and Morgan Hill family so much. I'm not sure I really understand this Methodist reasoning but will save that for another time. I think today will be an exploring day (and nuture the family). Time to take the girls and my husband out and around and check out Eureka. I hear there is a charming harbor and old town. Will take my camera and post some photos when we get back.

Check in later for an update!

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