Friday, July 10, 2009

Local Hot Spots (Literally and Figuratively)

Grizzly Creek State Park
Very beautiful and not too far from our new home, just a quick drive down Hwy 36 to this state park. Great river with warm(ish) water for swimming and great rock jumping. We explored the river part of the park and didn't get to go through the trails in the woods but we'll return. The rangers were very apologetic that there wasn't sun that day. We are finding that although Fortuna gets it's share of typical coastal fog and overcast days, it's only a short drive to sunshine and replenishing the Vitamin D. We stayed for a couple of hours and played, explored. Long enough for both girls to fall in the river. The trees were tall and impressive but I'm still interested in going to the Garberville area and checking out the trees you can drive through (although Ted tells me that is in the past, we'll find out).

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