Friday, July 10, 2009

River Rocks

Busy day right up until the moment that we took off down Highway 36 for Grizzly Creek State Park. Driving the mountain roads is good for me. Walking in the redwoods is healing for my soul. Stumbling along a rocky stream watching for skipping stones is complicated. My feet have never made that easy, but I watch Jen leaping over the rocks and I miss the days with a younger, less complicated body.

And then we got to the rocks and I felt like I could stand there forever and never say another word again. The hindu masters advised that one learn to watch a river, not the stuff floating or reflected on the waters, but the river itself, bent and changing, flowing, cutting through all the hardness of life. It is the essence of enlightened meditation and I am sure the heart of prayer. How else could Jesus have done what he did without the stillness of this kind of prayer. There is a point where I just don't care anymore, which unleashes compassion, healing and life.

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